London Charity Softball League (LCSL)

The Charity Softball League was founded in 2003. With only 9 teams in the league at that time, it was formed primarily to create an outlet for respective charities to network, to encourage collaboration and to develop new relationships across the sector.

The league, commonly known as the LCSL (London Charity Softball League), quickly developed into Europe’s second largest slow pitch softball league with over 80 teams made up by over 120 charities at one time. The pandemic and our working patterns since the pandemic has meant that there are fewer teams playing currently but the amount of fun it radiates means that we couldn’t live without it.

The league is run by seven volunteers, collectively known as the Committee. These hard-working individuals have day jobs and squeeze in all softball duties around the day job, children, dogs and partners.
The league is sponsored (check out sponsors page to find out about them) which means that we are able to deliver the league for free to all charity participants. The only cost to the teams is the initial outlay for kit. Registration, pitches and the finals are all free. Only charity personnel (paid or volunteers) are able to take part in this wonderful league. For information how to join – look at the ‘How to Join’ tab!